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Elliptical Trainer Review
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Buying an elliptical?  Elliptical Trainer Review makes it easy to find your best elliptical machine.

You can find comprehensive Elliptical Reviews including:

You can also discover where to buy a discount elliptical, read buying tips and articles.

By researching before you buy an elliptical trainer, you'll save time, money, frustration - and get a better elliptical for less!
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1) Save Up To 45% Off Store Prices

By buying direct from the manufacturer online you save on store markup and get access to 'online only' deals.  Some manufacturers offer up to 45% off in-store prices.

2)  Free Shipping

Many online retailers will offer free shipping and (depending on where you live) you can also save on sales tax. This can save you from $100-$250.

3)  Larger Selection Gives You Better Choices

Shopping online allows you to choose from a much larger selection of elliptical trainers. So it's more likely that you'll find a high quality brand-name elliptical that you love.

One Caution: Not all brands sell direct online. But the good news is that more and more of them are putting up stores to sell direct from their warehouses. 

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Editor's Note:

"The Elite 12.0 knocks it out of the park with both a comfortable design (variable incline, foot pedals spaced closer together) and so many entertainment options, you'll never get bored.

There's also a very rugged build to this machine - with a stable 375 pound user weight capacity, heavy 25 lb flywheel and extra long warranty. So it's going to last you a lot longer than your standard home elliptical and take more of a beating. Overall, one of the best new ellipticals this year."

Click Here For More on the NordicTrack Elite 12.0 elliptical
Nordic Track Elite 12.0 Elliptical
For Sale: $1299 (Free Shipping)

elliptical trainer review image2elliptical trainer review image2
elliptical trainer review image2elliptical trainer review image2elliptical trainer review image2
elliptical trainer review image2elliptical trainer review image2
Elliptical Trainer Review:
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3 Advantages of Buying An Elliptical Online:
Did You Know...

There are over 30 major elliptical brands currently on the market.

And most of these brands put out new models every year.

How do you find the best value for you? By researching before you buy.

When you take the time to review your options, you're way ahead of most buyers.

And you're more likely to save money and find the best deals.
What Is An Elliptical Trainer?
An elliptical trainer combines the natural stride of a treadmill or ski machine, with the simplicity of a stair climber.

On an elliptical you stand upright on the foot pedals & stride in a forward or backwards direction. 

Your feet move in a natural elliptical motion which is the closest simulation to walking and running available without the impact .

There are handrails for balance.  Some ellipticals even have handles for working your upper body as well - giving you a total upper & lower body workout.
What Are The Benefits of Ellipticals?
Elliptical trainers offer 3 main benefits for the home exerciser:

#1 Lower Impact Exercise

An elliptical workout offers less impact on the joints than traditional running exercise (say, on a treadmill). 

It's a safe, low impact workout for anyone, regardless of fitness level.

#2 Burn More Calories In Less Time

Unlike cycling, stair-stepping or even walking, an elliptical trainer uses both arms and legs, providing a total body workout in less time. 

Plus, elliptical workouts offer what expert call a 'lower rate of perceived exertion'. This means you actually worked harder than you felt you did.

This can actually add up to more calories burned and more weight lost.

#3 Weight Resistant Workouts

Elliptical Trainers are simple to use yet still provide weight resistant workouts that help build bone density, fight osteoporosis, and increase metabolism.

Elliptical History:

There are 3 types of elliptical trainer designs. 

- Rear Drive ellipticals came first when the first crosstrainer was introduced back in 1995. In this design the drive mechanism is at the rear of the elliptical.

Brands that produce rear drive ellipticals: Nordictrack & Smooth.

- Front Drive ellipticals came later. As the name states, these ellipticals have 1 large flywheel in the front of the machine.

Brands that produce front drive ellipticals: Sole & Schwinn.

- Recently a third design has come out - Center Drive.  These ellipticals have 2 smaller flywheels on either side of the elliptical foot pedals.

Brands that produce center drive ellipticals: Nordic Track & LifeCore Fitness

For more on what to look for when buying an elliptical, check out our Elliptical Buying Guide

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Elliptical Trainer Review:

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Quick Facts:

  • Power Incline & Decline

  • 20 - 22" Stride

  • iPod Dock With Speakers

  • Moving Armbar Controls

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