Reebok Elliptical Trainer Review Reebok Elliptical Trainer Review
reebok elliptical review image2reebok elliptical review image2
reebok elliptical review image2reebok elliptical review image2reebok elliptical review image2
reebok elliptical review image2reebok elliptical review image2

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Reebok Elliptical Trainer Review:

A Review of Ellipticals by Reebok & Where To Find Them At A Discount
Upper body workout arms - These are moveable arm bars that allow you to get a total body workout and burn more calories in a shorter amount of time.

CoolAire workout fans - These are little luxuries but they do make your workout more comfortable and enjoyable

Improved New models - The new models like the Reebok RL 1500 are a vast improvement over past older models. It offers a longer 20" stride, improved console and lots of built-in user programs. 

However it also runs around $1249+ which puts it into the mid-priced elliptical range, competing against higher end brands.


The brand seems to be stagnating and at this price point, there are other brands that give you more for the money.

Also, the user reviews (mainly of the older models) have tended toward the negative, with users complaining mainly about the resistance levels on their elliptical trainers getting stuck.

While the new Reebok crosstrainers are an improvement, they are also more expensive $999-$1599. This puts them in an entirely different category and they are competing with other elliptical brands that generally offer higher grade machines and give you more for your money.

Conclusion:   Not Recommended

Reebok ellipticals are a mixed bag.  On the one hand, they can be affordable and the new models are starting to improve with longer stride lengths, more advanced consoles, heart rate monitors and built in workout programs. 

On the other hand, Reebok crosstrainers are getting harder to find, buyer reviews have not been positive, and you can often find other brands that give you more value for the money

Suggested Alternatives: Nordic Track or Sole

Where To Buy At A Discount:

You can buy Reebok home ellipticals at the ICON closeout store. They usually have some decent deals going on and you can often get Free Shipping as well.

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reebok elliptical trainer
Reebok Elliptical Trainers are produced by Icon Health and Fitness, one of the largest exercise equipment manufacturers in the world.

(They also own brands like Proform, Healthrider and Nordic Track.) 

Reebok crosstrainers used to be more popular however they have been eclipsed by better built brands with more sophisticated features (like Nordic Track and Sole).


Affordable - The older Reebok units used to sell for $699 and under, which made them affordable for the home gym on a budget.  However it's getting harder to find these older models and the new Reebok units tend to be higher priced at around $1499+.

iFit compatibility - Many older Reebok trainers come with technology. This gives you access to a lot more workouts you can download from the Internet.  Interactive workouts can be sent right to your machine from or try an iFIT CD and Scenic Video workouts
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