Weslo Elliptical Trainer Review Weslo Elliptical Trainer Review

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Weslo Elliptical Review:

A Review of Weslo Elliptical Trainers & Where To Find Them Online
The higher end Weslo units offer you a bit more in terms of features but once you go over $500, it makes more sense to look at a Nordic Track or Schwinn.

Summary:  Not Recommended

While everyone loves a great deal, no one - not even Icon - can build a quality elliptical at these prices.  They do not rate well with buyers (1 out of 5 stars at epinions) and just don't hold up over the long run.

If you can, spend a bit more and look at a Nordic Track or a Schwinn which give you better warranties, more workout features, better user reviews and a more solid feel.

Where To Buy At A Discount:

You can buy a Weslo the Manufacturer and get a pretty good deal.  They also usually offer Free Shipping.

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Weslo elliptical trainers are some of the most economical elliptical machines on the market right now. Starting around $299 they are certainly affordable if you're on a budget.

Weslo is a subsidiary of ICON Health and Fitness, one of the largest producers of treadmills in the world, who also manufacture brands like Proform, Image, Epic and Reebok.

Are Weslo ellipticals a good value? Here's a review to help you decide.


Affordable - These ellipticals are some of the most affordable trainers on the market. Most of them come in for under $500 however there are a few higher end ones as well.

Upper Body Arms - Upper body arms can help you increase your calorie burning and get an overall total body workout.  Upper body arm bars are available on pretty much all Weslo models.

17.5" Stride - The higher end ellipticals have an 17.5" stride which isn't bad since many cheaper ellipticals give you a 14-15" stride.  It's not great but at this price point you can't expect a 20" stride.


These are economy ellipticals plain and simple.  They are not built to stand up to heavy, aggressive or even regular use.  Most of them only come with a 90 day warranty - which tells you something about the quality of parts. 

They really don't offer you much in terms of console options, stable construction or ergonomic design - which can result in less efficient workouts.